Glyd Rings

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Glyd Rings

Concept Seals double acting Glyd Ring is a combination of an energizing o-ring and slipper seal which is very effective and reliable low frictional seal suitable as a piston seal in both high and low pressure systems. Materials used for the manufacturing of Glyd Ring are varied as per the application such as PTFE + polyester fabric with polyester resin, PTFE compounded with Turcon mineral fibers and additives, PTFE compounded with Turcon and Bronze, NBR, and FKM.

Concept Seal Glyd Rings features are pressure up to 50 M pa, temperature range is -30 °C to + 200 °C , size range is 10mm to 250mm, and maximum speed is 15m/s. Advantages of Glyd Rings are free of stick-slip, compact piston design, low wear, and high extrusion resistance, long service life, high surface speed, Suitable for non-lubricating fluids depending on seal material for optimum design flexibility, high abrasion resistance, high load-bearing capacity etc. Glyd Rings are widely used in Machine tools, Excavators, Agriculture equipment, Valves of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, Presses, injection molding machines, Forklifts and handling machinery.

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