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Guide Bearing Strips (Bft Hard Strip)

Bronze filled PTFE bearing strips are also known as Wear rings which are used as a piston and rod bearing. these bearing are used to prevent scratching and eccentricity of the piston by absorbing transverse loads on the rod which improves the durability of packing in the hydraulic cylinder.


  • Bronze Filed Teflon
  • Phenolic Resin
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Wear Rings helps to keep the piston centered which allows for wear and pressure distribution on the seals. The features of Bft Hard Strip are high abrasion resistance, easy installation, lightweight, quality approved, low friction and free of stick-slip, high load-bearing capacity, resistance against the cold flow, low wear and high extrusion resistance.

These wear rings are available in angle cut, butt cut, and step cut type. Butt cut type is easy to install, Step cut type improves bearing stress at the gap and gives better resistance to spike loads and contaminants, and Angle cut type improves bearing stress. Bft Hard Strip/ wear rings are used in piston and rod application, such as Automotive, Machine tools, Agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, and household electrical appliances.

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