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O-Rings Cords

Concept Seal manufactures O-Ring Cords which are the perfect alternative for O-Rings in various sizes and standards. O-Ring Cord is an extruded section of rubber cord that can be cut into required length for the sealing purpose. All our O-ring cords are manufactured to AS-568A, Metric, JIS, BS ISO 3302-1, with Class E1 as standard.

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These O-Ring Cords are used for the sealing purpose when a standard size of O-Ring is not available. There are various types of O-Ring Cords available depending upon the material, sealing pressure, temperature, chemical compatibility, durometer, and lubrication required. O-Ring Cords are commonly used for its sealing properties but mostly used to keep air and liquid from passing in or out in any given area.

Concept Seal offers these O-Ring Cords with a round, square, and four-lobed profile with the standard hardness of 70 Shore A. These O-Ring Cords are used only in the static application above 70″ inner diameter. O-Ring Cords can be supplied in standard materials which are Viton(FKM/FPM) O-Ring Cord, Silicone(VMQ) O-Ring Cord, Buna-N( Nitrile) O-Ring Cord.

We can manufacture and supply O-Ring Cord as per clients requirement. Our O-Ring Cords serves as an immediate replacement for the endless O-Rings, therefore, these cords are called as industrial first aid kit. O-Ring Cord made up of Buna-N( Nitrile) NBR are mainly used for the sealing of lubricants based on mineral oil which withstands temperature from -40 to +110 degree Celsius. O-Ring Cord made up Silicone(VMQ) are non-conducting and great resistance to alcohols therefore used for high-temperature loads and sealing of food products.

O-Ring Cord made up of Viton(FKM/FPM)can withstand temperature within the range of -20 to +200 degree Celsius and highly resistant to mineral, plant and animal oils.

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