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An O-ring is a mechanical gasket especially in the shape of a circle. O-ring is a loop of an elastic substance occurring naturally as natural rubber or produced synthetically. O- rings are designed to seat in a channel or groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts to create a seal at the interface.

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Orings Sizes:

Commonly used worldwide standard sizes for an o-rings are both inch and metric. British Standard (BS) sizes ranging from BS001 to BS932. Other size specifications also available. Dimensions of an O-ring are, ID means an internal dimension, OD means outer dimension and CS means cross-section or thickness.

Metric o-ring = ID x CS.

Concept Seal provides quality O- Rings of small size to giant size die made means without joint in all types of elastomers. sizes range from id 0.74mm to id 1800mm.

Manufacturing Standards:

O-Rings manufactured by CONCEPT SEALS are as per various International Standards such as AS, BS, AN, NAS, AMS, METRIC,  DIN 3771, BS 1806, SMS 1586, JIS 2401,  AS 568, custom and special standard.Click edit button to change this text.

Applications of Orings:

O-rings are used in the dynamic application and static application. In dynamic application rotating shaft and hydraulic cylinder piston are included. O-rings are also used in vacuum application and high- temperature applications. O-rings are used in various plants and in domestic fluid systems such as spacers, plumbing fixtures, machine drive belts, and bumpers. O- rings are selected on the basis of chemical compatibility, sealing pressure,  temperature application, lubrication requirements, size and cost of o-ring.

O Rings, Rubber O Rings Sizes in Mumbai, India