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Piston Seals

The special Piston Seal from Concept Seal offers maximum functional reliability, to withstand high pressures. Piston Seal protects the piston head from leakage of gas or fluid, used in the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder. There are two types of piston seals, single acting, and double acting, depending upon the direction of pressure in the cylinder.

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These piston seals are extreme resistance to gap extrusion. Piston Seal is very fast and easy to install. Some important points should be considered while selecting piston seals such as a diameter of the inner and outer shaft, operation speed, radial cross-section, vacuum rating, pressure and temperature placed upon seals. Two variations of hydraulic seal one are a dynamic seal and another is exclusion seal.

The dynamic type of seal would be typically piston seal. These dynamic seals prevent contamination of fluids by creating a void between non-moving and moving parts. Materials used for the piston seals are Acrylic rubber(NBR), Polyurethane(ultrathan), PTFE, fabric oriented elastomers and plastic materials. Concept Seal is supplying different types of hydraulic seals to the manufacturing and agriculture industries.

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