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X Rings

X- Ring is the sealing part with four lobe which reduces friction and resistant and also alternative to O-Ring grooves. As it has four lobes therefore also called Four Lobed Rings. This X- Ring is used in various static and dynamic sealing application which gives seal with the extreme resistance to pressure and expansion. X- Ring is the perfect sealing solution for low-pressure rotary or reciprocating application as it reduces resistant and friction to seal twisting and rolling.

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X- Ring can be used in radial and axial application making an excellent seal for low-pressure condition and for many challenges and application. When we use X- Ring startup force required is 75% which is less as compared to other seals. Another benefit of X- Ring is that lubricant loss is reduced due to their four-lobed points by controlling the thickness of the film. We manufacture X- Ring in custom sizes for the specific application as per clients specification.

Materials used for the manufacturing of X- Rings are NBR (Nitrile), FPM(Fluoroelastomer), EPDM(Ethylene Propylene) etc. X- Rings can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and dairy applications.

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